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Pool training

Deveron Canoe Club Coaches 2017/18

The club's coaches - offer our paddlers tips on technique. Every autumn we offer training to novices in Banff Swimming Pool at a cost of approximately £6 per session. Currently this is every Thursday evening from 7 til 8 pm. Its about building confidence in a warm safe environment, with our coaches. Learn basic strokes and moves, develop balance, practice rescues. Then have fun with a short game of canoe polo. By summer, beginners are ready to venture outdoors. An outdoor trip calendar is prepared in advance, see Trips. Sometimes trips are adjusted to suit weather or sea conditions prevailing on the day.

Established members attend after the novice session, between 8-9pm. They can practice more advanced techniques, like the Eskimo roll, and ask our coaches for tips. Canoe polo practice runs from 9-10pm.

Our Qualifications

We are affiliated to the Scottish Canoe Association, and our coaches have been slowly garnering the qualifications that will allow them to coach and lead more demanding excursions.