Any person under the age of 18 years, can become a Junior Member provided they are able to swim. Junior members in primary school will be expected to hold the Aberdeenshire Council Competent Swimmer Award. (All club members will be expected to be able to swim at least 1 length of Banff Swimming Pool – 25m, or equivalent).

Primary age children MUST be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times whilst canoeing, both in the swimming pool and on outdoor trips. The parent/guardian MUST be with the junior at all times. In relation to outdoor trips, this will involve the parent/guardian being a PADDLING member of the group and staying with the junior at all times during the trip. In relation to the swimming pool, the parent/guardian can either be a paddler or non-paddler, but if a paddler, they should paddle with the junior at all times (and not be involved in other activities elsewhere in the pool, unless they are both involved in the novice instruction groups.) The parent/guardian MUST be responsible for the junior at ALL times whilst he or she is canoeing or being transported to and from the canoeing activity.

Older juniors who are at secondary school are welcome to join general club trips under the supervision of a club coach. If you are unsure about the suitability of a particular trip for your child, please discuss this with a coach or our child protection officer, George Rutten.