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2015 POLO

Deveron Canoe Club Polo Team Division 4  in 2015, Olympia Pool , Dundee

Ross Barron, Gary Thain, Charlie Clark, Chris Rowe, Sandy Reid and Iain Brooker (Iain Walker missing!)

Sandy Reid talked us into it! What about a try at the polo leagues? That is Scottish Canoe Association league canoe polo. No horses. Its just a wee daunder to Dundee. OK, we will give it a go. We had to play 3 Saturday evening tournaments, so that every team would play all the other teams twice. We ended up with a squad of 7 - Sandy, Ross, Gary, Charlie, Chris and two Iains. Sandy got the kayaks all decked out in dark blue, so we kind of matched. And we used the borrowed SCA kit to make us look like we knew what we were about.

Charlie got his wish!We arrived in Dundee at the Olympia Pool in Dundee. Great venue with a wide pool. No one knew quite how the goals should go up, but they went up, and the polo started. Its a rush when you play teams you don't know. We did Ok until we met that Highland Team, they beat us, how dare they! The games were fun on the whole with a varied standard and we did well enough. A pantomime developed with one of the goals sinking slowly into the back corner. Play was suspended while the goal's suspension was adjusted. We would know the next time, with Gary to keep us right.

Other teams had matching kevlar boats and matching colour schemes. Charlie wanted green and white hoops but we were having none of it. He settled for orange rashies from Peak UK.

2nd Saturday, back to Dundee, just 5 of us this time. The tangerine team. We will fix that Highland team this time...and we did..but Aberdeen University got us. High lobs from them on target, while their keeper and defence held tight.

3rd Saturday, back to Dundee, 6 this time. We had an extra player in Alan Mair this time, but he was helping out Highland - ah, no games against them this time. So that's OK. Aberdeen University got us again. Same problem. "We need to pass better" Aye Sandy, you are right! Other games went fast and furious but always in the right direction. A good result for our first season, and promotion to Division 3 next winter.

Space in Division 4 for another Deveron team???


Division 4 Canoe Polo in 2015

AUCC Old School 12 12 0 0   49 5 44 36
Deveron CC 12 9 0 3   36 12 24 27
Napier Uni C 12 6 1 5   27 28 -1 19
WE SUCC 12 5 2 5   26 30 -4 17
Highland Canoe Polo 12 5 1 6   24 21 3 16
Napier Uni D 12 3 0 8 1 10 29 -19 8
St Andrews Uni B 12 0 0 9 3 1 48 -47 -3