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Ireland 2015 - a surf kayak odyssey

Michael Reid, Norman Banks, George Rutten, Alice Banks, Sandy Reid, Iain Brooker, Alan Meikle and Gary Thain

8 paddlers from Deveron Canoe Club travelled to Ulster to surf kayak the Northern Irish coastline. We spent 2 days at Portrush (planned venue for the 2017 World surf kayak championships) and 4 days in Donegal just across the border. Marty McCann, Level 5 surf coach spent 4 days with us, passing on tips on technique and the theory and practice required for 4 star leader in surfkayak. The weather was kind and everyone had a great time - captured in this ditty that Alice and Norman put together!Marble Hill Beach, DonegalPortsalon - sheltered from the westerlies


Deveron paddlers going west,        

Ferryboat to Larne works best

Never mind about the rest

We’ll find our way by GPS.


Chorus (as required)

We know how if you know where

And we don’t mind if people stare

We can surf the whole day long

So grab your kit and come along


Iain Brooker, so laid back

Boat is never off its track.

Alan Meikle, always brave

Now and again he’ll nick your wave.


Sandy sneezing all day long

Hope his cold will soon be gone.

Taking pics of all the rest

So we can see what they did best


Michael’s never in a fix

Young enough to learn new tricks.

Wields a tea towel, mustn’t grumble

He’s learnt to make an apple crumble.


Gary’s fast and never fashed

Even when he’s getting trashed

When the sea is out of reach

He plays at turtles on the beach.


We’d be lost without our cook

It’s 7 a day in George’s book.

Upside down on Iain’s ski,

Round the corner find a tree.


Alice and Norman were there too 

Ducked some waves but caught a few

Always willing full of cheer

Really only there for the beer.


Marty had us thinking deep

Learning lots of new technique.

Nothing much was left to chance

We even learnt a brand new dance.


Thanks for help with the troublesome rack.

Specs and teeth though didn’t come back.

Scenic beaches wind and rain,

Why did we think of going to Spain


Deveron paddlers heading east

After a final Irish feast.

Really sad that it’s the end

We’ll do stern rudders back at Sandend.


Final chorus

We learned how, you showed us where,

We all got trashed but we don’t care.

Thanks to Iain we had a ball

So come and join us one and all.