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Slalom 2010

waiting to go

The Club had an outing in May 2010 to the annual Seaton Park slalom - this was a new experience for most of us. Practicing for the competition. Slalom involves running a course through gates made of poles suspended above the water. They are numbered and need to be negotiated in the correct order, without touching the poles, and against the clock. At first sign, the course looked a doddle, with only a slow flow of water from the River Don to contend with. Alan Meikle, a slalom veteran, took charge of us, kitted some of us in specialist slalom boats and explained that we could practice until the competition started. Practice we did and gradually got the hang of lining up with the gate before moving through it. How hard could it be?! It was a lovely, sunny Sunday and after a wee practice we spread out over the grass, waiting for our number to be called. Very civilised this - picknicking in the park! Once the clock is ticking though, it's not quite so civilised - gates were missed, poles struck and times not good enough. No problem, said Alan - you have a second run to go! Everyone did better second time around! Can't wait until next year!!