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We revelled in the rapids

We revelled in the rapids

Deveron Canoe Club members, from left: Alan Meikle, George Rutton, Michael Reid, Duncan Barclay, Tony Jannetta, Iain Brooker, Gary Thain, Jessica Philip, Charlie Clark, Louise Barclay and Sandy Reid, ready to tackle some recent white water river paddling in the west Highlands.

DEVERON Canoe Club tested their skills recently tackling rap- ids with evocative names like Chicken Shoot, Roller Coaster and End of Civilisation on an action-packed two-day paddling trip to the west Highlands.

Eleven canoeists took to the Orchy and Awe rivers, near Tyndrum, on the road to Oban.

With water in the rivers, and a dam release promised on the Awe on the Sunday, they relished the challenge.

“The River Orchy, a demand- ing river with big rapids, was first on the Saturday,” said club mem- ber Alan Meikle.

“In sunshine, and a few rain showers, we paddled our way down the river, inspecting and scouting the rapids as we went.

“The rapids were at the upper level of the group’s ability and the award for ‘best attempt’ of the day went to Duncan Barclay

for his attempt on Easan Dubha, one of the trickier rapids.

“After slightly off-line on his way in to the rapid, he was quick- ly pin-balled down the rocks on the right-hand side and ejected out the other end, minus his boat, and slightly the worse for wear.

“However, he was soon reu- nited with his gear.”

On Sunday, and with slightly easier rapids ahead, the group drove on to the River Awe.

“We picked a scenic stretch be- low the Awe Barrage,” said Alan.

“It provided safe but exciting paddling with plenty of room to practice.

“The rapids were easier than the Orchy, so the group relaxed into a day of fun, rounded off with a picnic by the riverside in brilliant sunshine to complete another memorable weekend with great weather.”

THE BANFFSHIRE JOURNAL    Tuesday, September 16, 2014