What clothes do I need on a club outing?

Expect to get wet! So wear appropriate clothes – a wetsuit and/or drysuit is excellent if you have one, but if not then a good (couple?) of top layers, and some bottoms that keep warm when wet (i.e. not jeans – tracksuit bottoms are great) together with some warm socks and “shoes” that you don’t mind getting wet (trainers/wetsuit boots etc). If you get cold hands bring along some sort of gloves that you MIGHT wear, that also gives a wee bit of grip on the paddle. Oh and a hat is also good for those nights when it gets colder. You need to be aware that ALL these clothes might/will get wet, and bring along a towel and a full spare set of clothes (including shoes) to get changed in to afterwards. If you have a cagoule please bring it along too.

The club have a few sets of paddle clothes. Sets consist of a 3mm wetsuit, wetsuit boots, pogies (a kind of glove to keep hands warm), a beanie neoprene helmet, and a windbreaker cagoule. We rent them for a summer season, for a small charge. If you are just starting, and plan to be out regularly, these are good value until you work out what you need.

What else can I hire from the club?

The club has a variety of canoes and kayaks for different types of trip. We can offer you experience in many different types, and include a paddle, helmet, buoyancy aid and spraydeck for a small charge, currently £5 payable on every trip.

My child wants to try canoeing – do you have any space?

We run taster sessions from time to time. Children are welcome to have a try, as long as they can swim, and are accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the session. Children who have started Secondary School are welcome to join our beginner classes. Again we require parents to be present during training sessions at Banff Swimming Pool. See our Junior pages for more detail. We welcome parents who want to try the sport with their children!

Can I start paddling this summer?

If you have previous experience of outdoor paddling, why not? Join up, get in touch about what kind of paddling you can do, and we can tell you how to get going.

If you are a complete beginner, then look out for our taster sessions! Check our facebook page. We run them in a safe friendly environment. If you enjoy it, then put your name down for our indoor novice program of lessons that start in September at Banff Swimming Pool. After a winter of indoor lessons you will be skilled up for next summer!

If you can’t wait, then consider taking an intensive course with a professional outdoor training company (see our links page), or contact Glenmore Lodge, Scotland’s national outdoor sports training centre in the Cairngorms National Park!

I am overweight and want to be more active. Can I join?

Our members come in all shapes and sizes! We have a small number of kayaks suitable for the larger paddler. Remember canoeing is a strenuous physical activity. You will enjoy yourself more if you are fit. Get fit for paddling, don’t go paddling to get fit! If you have a medical condition which may cause you problems while engaging in strenuous physical exercise, please bring it to our attention BEFORE you join.